About us

If you are a B2B business, then you have come to the right place. We work with B2B businesses like yours to help you grow their business. We generate qualified B2B leads and fix appointments for sales teams so that you can grow your business.

We create the database, research the database, build the list, find the appropriate person, write the emails, write the ads, launch the campaigns — online and offline, do the calling, do the initial pitch, do the follow-up, and set appointments with the appropriate person.

For the marketing team, we take away all the grunt work and let you and your team focus on the strategic functions.

For the sales team we take away all the uncertainty by getting them to meet more qualified buyers, close more sales, ensure that they never miss their targets and earn higher commissions and incentives.

Is your direct sales team prospecting, generating leads, setting appointments, going for face to face meetings, sending proposals, following up, closing deals .If it is doing all this and much more then it can never ever meet its full potential.

It is doing exactly what car manufacturers were doing before Ford revolutionized the automobile industry by bringing in the assembly line. Before the assembly line, every worker was responsible for manufacturing the complete car. After the assembly line each worker was responsible for specializing and assembling only that part of the car which he was trained for and responsible for.

Before the introduction of the assembly line the production was a trickle. After the assembly line the production went through the roof, productivity boomed and the rest is history.

Currently your sales team members are like the automobile workers before the introduction of the assembly line. No wonder they can’t meet their full potential. Change your sales process to an assembly line and boom – you will see the immediate change in your sales, business and productivity.

Selling and prospecting are entirely different skill sets. Salespeople who can develop and close qualified prospects are usually terrible at prospecting and hate it. On the other hand, those who are great at prospecting and setting appointments usually fall short when it comes to advanced selling tactics, such as needs identification, profit justification, and solution presentation.

 To put it quite simply, prospecting is not selling, and selling is not prospecting. They are different skill sets, and the best results are achieved when prospecting is left to those who do it well and selling is left to true sales professionals.

This is why companies that excel in sales performance employ an organized lead-generation effort through a combination of marketing campaigns and telemarketers who specialize in developing leads and setting appointments. The salespeople then receive the qualified leads and close them.

The salesperson’s most precious resource is time. He needs to use this most precious resource effectively and efficiently. The most effective and efficient use of his time is when he is front of the customers — selling — not spending his time prospecting.

We offer a lead generation system, which will offer a regular stream of qualified leads to your sales team. Our lead generation and appointment setting solution is specifically geared for you if the ticket size of your product is higher and the product is complex and your sales people have to call on and meet higher level managers in target companies. Such leads and appointments cannot be set by typical telemarketers who are appointed by usual telemarketing companies – the ones who call for credit cards, loans and insurance. These telemarketing companies generally have fresh teenagers or people just out of school / college with no or very little work experience and have not held any job or responsibility earlier.

As opposed to the above scenario, we use a very sophisticated strategy of building the right database of your target market using highly advanced online tools and combine that with various online and offline campaigns ,use a team of highly experienced people, who have worked in responsible sales or customer facing positions earlier, for 5 to 10 years or even more. They have the necessary experience and confidence to engage in a meaningful conversation with the people at higher management levels.

Our clients include Siemens, Sharp, Hughes, GreyHR, Happay, Knowlarity and many more.